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Travelmanager Ferry and Seaways Booking Software

Software solution with integrated ticket store, channel management, mobile ticketing, reporting tool, API and much more!

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Philipp Stäbler
CEO and Developer


Easy to use and simple to learn.


Top performance in the backend and the app


Encryption and data protection


Automating your processes


20 years experience in booking software

Book online, optimized for mobile use.

Use of proven and commercially available, widely used hardware.
Ferry Software Backend und App

Connect your partners and other portals with the included Channel Manager.

Reporting Travelmanager
Up-to-date overview of your data with the included reporting tool.

Get more bookings

Online, in your backend, mobile with the App, from your partners


One system for all your data, capacities, reservations and sales

Top rated

Your customers will love the system. You'll make it easy for them to buy tickets


Map your own processes in the Ferry Software exactly as you need them

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