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Mobile ticket sales, e.g. on board with Travelmanager Ferry Software work with standard hardware components as iPhone, iPad and Epson printers

Ferry Software for mobile ticket sales

The all-in-one indestructible hardware package.

The all-round carefree package for mobile devices, with a flat rate if desired.

You get the mobile device fully set up, secured and configured – plug and play.

The complete package is maximally reliable with low battery consumption.

PHCOM takes care of everything, such as updates, maintenance and services, for the entire lifetime of the device. You only need to charge the device regularly.

Travelmanager Ferry Software Hardware Flatrate

Perfect for mobile ticket sales.


Mobile sales and control device
from € 39
  • LTE data flat rate
  • Remote Administration
  • Includes update service
  • Especially for admission control and mobile sales e.g. for walk-in customers.


Tablet size sales terminal
from € 49
  • LTE data flat rate
  • Remote Administration
  • Includes update service
  • For stationary and mobile sales. Perfect in combination with a tabletop printer.

How long is the term of the contract?

The term of a contract is 24 months per device. At the end of the term, simply return the device to us and you will receive a new one in exchange upon request. Roaming for the data flat rate by arrangement. The devices used are operated with iOS.

The software is always up to date – with the integrated update service.

What do I do with existing equipment?

We will be happy to provide you with an offer for the trade-in of existing inventory equipment.

Service with added value

  • Setup and Shipping one time € 129,00

    One-time device setup, securing, Travelmanager TicketApp configuration, data flat rate activation. Insured shipping.

  • Protection Kit € 29,00

    Always with you: The best protection for daily indoor and outdoor use - professional protective cover and armored glass make your device almost indestructible.


  • Professional Printer mobile monthly € 19,90

    Mobile printer, weather-protected for use on the road and on board.

  • Professional Printer Stationary monthly € 29,90

    For the POS system as a tabletop device for stationary use.

All amounts are net amounts.