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The customer app is published individually in the AppStore for the customers and makes it possible to have the booking always with you

Your own custom Booking App

The apps are available for free download in the App Store and compatible with all popular iPhones, iPods and iPads. Benefit from this unique way of presenting your company to your frequent customers in the App Store.

The branded customer booking app offers many benefits to businesses in various industries, including:
Increased brand recognition

A branded booking app puts your business name and logo directly in front of your customers, helping to increase brand recognition and awareness.

Improved customer experience

A booking app can make it easier and more convenient for customers to make reservations or bookings, improving their overall experience with your business.

Better engagement

A booking app can provide customers with notifications, reminders, and other personalized communication, which can help keep them engaged and interested in your brand.

Increased revenue

By making it easier for customers to book your services or products, a booking app can help increase sales and revenue.

Enhanced customer data

A booking app can provide valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history, which can help businesses improve their marketing strategies and customer service.

Competitive advantage

A branded booking app can help set your business apart from competitors who do not offer this convenience to their customers.

Improved operational efficiency

A booking app can help automate booking and reservation processes, reducing the workload of staff members and improving operational efficiency.

Overall, a branded customer booking app offers numerous benefits to businesses, from increased brand recognition to improved customer experience, engagement, revenue, and operational efficiency.