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With website integration you can easily integrate your stored timetable data. Possibilities: WordPress plugin, API or simply via link.

To integrate the online booking into your homepage, choose between linking the booking frontend in your content and integrating it as a widget. Integration into the homepage and website quite simple.


Link to the booking frontend of your online reservation. You can link the booking on your homepage, include it as a link in E-Mails and send it via other advertising channels. After clicking on the link, your customers will be redirected to your online booking, where they can book. You can easily generate the appropriate link in your backend in the URL generator.


Integration of your booking in your homepage via widget. Widgets are windows that can be embedded in web pages. In this window the content generated by Travelmanager is displayed directly as content on your homepage. As a Travelmanager for ferries customer, you integrate the booking mask with the help of widgets and easily list all your events, tours and trips appropriately in your content. All widgets are “responsive”, which means that they automatically adapt to the screens of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.