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Easily handle your mobile ticket sales and control with the ferry software and collect with different payment methods.

The Travelmanager TicketApp for ferries is available free of charge in the App Store and is compatible with all current iPhones and iPads.

The app works online and offline and is optimal for operation with changing network qualities. Nothing stands in the way of mobile ticket sales and control.

Online and offline

The offline-capable TicketApp is used as a mobile point of sale, a terminal and a checkout system. In the background, sales data and ticket control data are transferred to the backend.

Ferry Software Backend und App

Shopping cart

You can book several tours and articles at once via the shopping cart. The receipts can be provided via a connected printer or digitally. The TicketApp supports hardware from Epson and Zebra. Existing hardware can usually be used with Travelmanager. Mobile ticket sales and control made easy.

Mobile ticket sales and control on a ferry refer to a system that allows passengers to purchase and access their tickets using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This system is designed to make the ticketing process more efficient, convenient, and contactless for passengers and crew members.

The mobile ticketing process

The mobile ticketing process typically involves the following steps:

Step 1

Passengers purchase their tickets using a mobile app or website.

Step 2

The system generates an electronic ticket that is stored on the passenger’s mobile device.

Step 3

Upon boarding the ferry, passengers present their mobile ticket to the crew member for verification.

Step 4

The crew member scans the mobile ticket using a handheld device, which confirms the validity of the ticket and grants access to the ferry.

Some of the benefits of mobile ticketing on a ferry include:
Contactless transactions

Mobile ticketing eliminates the need for physical tickets, reducing the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria.


Passengers can purchase tickets anytime and anywhere, without having to visit a ticket office or wait in line.

Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency: Mobile ticketing systems can automate the ticketing process, reducing the workload of crew members and speeding up the boarding process.

Data collection and analysis

Data collection and analysis: Mobile ticketing systems can collect data on passenger traffic, ticket sales, and revenue, which can be used to improve operations and marketing strategies.

Overall, mobile ticketing on a ferry is a convenient and efficient way to manage ticket sales and access control. It offers passengers a seamless experience and helps ferry companies to streamline their operations and increase customer satisfaction.