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Create invoices with a few clicks and send them directly to your customers via email and PDF. You will always have the overview.

Invoices are created automatically according to predefined rules and made available to you and the customer directly as a PDF – easy to send by E-Mail directly to your customer.

Benefit from the perfect workflow in Travelmanager

Girocode on your outgoing invoices

The easier and more convenient you make it for your customer to pay your invoice, the faster you will receive your payment. On each invoice from Travelmanager a GiroCode is created, this is encrypted and contains your bank data (IBAN etc.) and the customer’s invoice data. The customer receives the invoice and can conveniently scan this code on his smartphone with the banking app.

The transfer mask in the app is opened automatically and all important information such as recipient data, amount and the intended purpose are filled in. The bank details to be used in the GiroCode are stored in your Travelmanager backend under “System” – “System parameters” – “General” – “Client”.